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27 一月 , 2015,

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「全球仿生設計競賽-台灣區域海選競賽」 評分標準

  • 生物啟發的理解程度、研究的深度、應用程度 (25%)

Research and depth and application of biological inspiration source(s)

– How well do you understand the context of the challenge you decided to work on? How did your discovery process work for the function(s) you were trying to solve for? Did you spend time outside? Did you interview anyone? What questions did you ask and what did you learn? Did you correctly interpret the biology when applying it to your application? Is it more than a superficial application of biology? Did you do any sketching to aid your understanding of how the biology works and to distill accurate design strategies?

  • 設計的思維與過程 (20%)  Design thinking

 – We want to know about your process and insights. What process ultimately got you to your final result?

  • 概念說明 (10%)  Concept

 – is it a valid technology or solution?

  • 可行性 (10%)  Feasibility

– is it a promising technology or solution? (i.e. show evidence of preliminary market understanding and research)

  • 為社會與環境帶來的益處 (20%)

Social and environmental benefit, informed by nature’s unifying principles

– Will adoption of your design lead to significant social and environmental wins?

  • 團隊背景 (15%)  Team 

– Is your team motivated to continue working on this solution? Is your team interdisciplinary and do you currently have, or have plans to acquire, the right skills and depth to move this design beyond the concept realm?

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