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2015 全球仿生設計競賽~ 線上研討會紀錄

9 七月 , 2015,
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從 2015 年 3月到7月,針對全球仿生設計競賽,The Biomimicry Institute 舉辦主題線上研討會,從各個角度邀請專家一同參與討論。除了專家的分析,與會者也能從中提出問題,這時候也是向其他團隊學習的好機會! 線上研討會已全數結束,若要聆聽錄音檔案或下載資訊請至:

Food System Challenges and Opportunities

March 18 & 19

  • Session A: March 18, 12 am
  • Session B: March 19, 10 am
  • Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

The food system is large and incredibly complex. Where will you focus your efforts? This webinar will feature Nathanael Johnson, author and food writer at Grist, who will provide an introduction to some of the most pressing needs and opportunities for innovation in the food system. Afterward, we’ll discuss some important factors to consider as you zero in on a specific challenge to work on, and best practices for beginning a biomimicry design process.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

April 8 & 9, 2015

  • Session A: April 8, 12 am
  • Session B: April 9, 10 am
  • Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

Nature’s genius surrounds us. This webinar will equip you to find natural models that fit the design challenge you are working on. Learn the most effective ways to use our award-winning resource for biological inspiration, AskNature, as well as other strategies for finding inspiration in nature.

Applying Nature’s Unifying Patterns

May 6 & 7, 2015

  • Session A: May 6, 12 am
  • Session B: May 7, 10 am

Nature’s unifying patterns are an attempt to identify overarching lessons in the natural world that have profound implications for what and how we design.

These patterns are informed by context and constraints within the natural world, and provide a unique way to approach and think about a design challenge.

This webinar will introduce the patterns and provide examples for how they can be incorporated into your design process.

From Inspiration to Application

May 28 & 29, 2015

  • Session A: May 28, 12 am
  • Session B: May 29, 10 am
  • Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

One of the most challenging and important steps in biomimicry is the translation of biological strategies into design strategies that can be applied to your design. In this webinar we’ll provide guidance for effectively and accurately doing so.

Applying the Systems View

June 17 & 18, 2015

  • Session A:June 17, 12 am
  • Session B:June 18, 10 am
  • Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

Designs, organizations, and biology are all composed of systems. Being knowledgeable about and aware of system interconnections can help you optimize design outcomes while considering Earth’s operating systems. This webinar will introduce systems thinking and provide guidance for evaluating your design through a systems lens.

Presented by: Curt McNamara, M.Eng, P.E., Faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and Biomimicry Fellow

Biomimicry and Business Planning

July 8 & 9*, 2015

  • Session A: July 8 12 am
  • Session B: July 9 10 am
  • Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

Biomimicry is a powerful force for sustainable innovation. However, the reality is that many innovative ideas, biomimetic or not, do not find success in the market–some because they were not designed in context for a specific, viable market need, others due to a lack of resources needed to get to market. This webinar will help your team understand the market as an ‘ecosystem’ and offer tools that can help you to identify an appropriate market niche for your design.

Presented by: Faye Yoshihara, Principle of Forest Fractal LLC, faculty at the School of Business Administration at Portland State University, and Biomimicry Fellow.


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