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15 二月 , 2017,
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【主題】以自然界為靈感 – 解決科學、工程與日常生活問題
【講者】Nikolay Bogatyrev與 Olga Bogatyreva(生物萃智領域的專家)
【地點】中華系統性創新學會 訓練教室(新竹市光復路二段350號5樓)


420日(Day 10900 – 1800

為什麼是生物學? Why biology?
對生物的十項成見 Ten prejudges about living nature
如何自然創新 How to invent new things naturally
爬蟲類的故事:仿生動物Creepy-Crawly story: biomimetic animals
實作時間:以大自然的方式創新Natural way to invent new things: practical session


421日(Day 20900 – 18 00

仿生設計的生物自然法則Laws from biology for biomimetic design
生物學的40個發明原則40 inventive principles in biology
動植物也是發明家Animals and plants as “inventors”
實作時間:生物學的逆向工程Reverse-engineering in biology: practical session


422日(Day 30900 – 1800

科技界與生物界演化趨勢Evolution trends in technology and in biology
產品設計如何利用演化趨勢How to use evolution trends in product design
實作課程:從現有產品預測未來Practical classes: predict future of the given products
產品未來走向報告Presentation of the results: future of a product


423日(Day 40900 – 1800

螞蟻也是有週休的-企業的自然根基Ants also have weekends – natural roots of business
處理複雜事務之自然法則Natural ways of dealing with complexity
管理之自然法則Natural laws for management
實作課程與遊戲Practical classes and games
圓桌討論Round table discussions

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