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校園新思維講座 台大場

5 六月 , 2014,
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The Biomimicry Blueprint for 3D Printing and the Circular Economy
仿生藍圖 建構循環經濟新系統

主題講者:Janine Benyus珍妮.班亞斯
主  持 人 :國立台灣大學機械學系 終身特聘教授 楊鏡堂 博士
主辦單位:台灣經濟研究院 生技產業研究中心、國立台灣大學 工學院、興藝峰生技農業
日期時間:2014 年 6月30日 (一) 10:00-11:30 a.m.
活動地點:國立台灣大學 應用力學館一樓 國際會議廳
報名方式:本活動採用網路報名,請使用右側OR Code進入報名頁面,或點選本連結進入報名頁面
活動聯絡:何慕凡 小姐 (02)3366-9934 0960-716-026
費約翰 先生 (02)3366-2722 0939-681-336


Rewriting the “story of stuff” begins with reimagining chemistry and manufacturing in nature’s image. Life self-assembles abundant, common raw materials in mild conditions, with water as a solvent, and without harsh chemistries.

It uses a very particular subset of the periodic table (life friendly elements only), and combines these elements into compounds that jigsaw together without the need for volcanic heats and pressures. Bringing biological insight to how we make our world opens up 3.8 billion years of good ideas–elegant recipes–that will allow us to make high performing, self-healing, and easily recyclable materials as parsimoniously as nature does.

When life’s chemistry is combined with the promise of 3-D desktop printing, we could begin to dream of neighborhoods provisioning themselves, using local feedstocks shaped, returned, and reshaped into the goods we need. It’s biomimicry meets community self-reliance, and it’s a big shift for our species! Janine will share the latest developments in the Rewrite, and point to what needs to happen next.

要重新撰寫「東西的故事」(story of stuff),得再思考化學的本質,並從自然的角度進行產品製造。生命以溫和的方式,把水當作溶劑,不使用任何刺激化學物質,將豐富原料自我組裝。生命所使用的只是週期表中的特定部分(對生命友善的元素),並將這些元素組成化合物,完全不需強力煅燒、加壓。



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