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6 六月 , 2014,
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A Sustainable World Already Exists:
Biomimicry and the Quest to Solve Global Challenges

Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and then emulating life’s best ideas to create a more sustainable world. By mimicking nature’s time-tested strategies, biomimics are learning to capture fog like a desert beetle, preserve vaccines like a resurrection fern, resist bacteria like a shark, mimic ecosystems to create a more resilient agriculture, and more. Based on 3.8 billion of years of R&D, these designs sip energy, shave material use, eliminate toxins, and turn waste into opportunities.

Once a specialty science, Biomimicry has spread virally in the last 15 years. Hundreds of Biomimicry start-ups, including many in Asia, are making headlines with nature-inspired technologies that solve global challenges and disrupt business as usual. Leading companies such as Arup, Airbus, Boeing, Fuji-Xerox, HOK, IDEO, Interface, JR West, Nike, Nissan, and Teijin, use biomimicry in their labs as well as their boardrooms, finding inspiration for product and organizational design.
仿生學原本為一門專業科學,但最近15年已快速廣佈於全世界。仿生學風起雲湧,數以百計的新創公司,其中許多位於亞洲,以自然啟發先進科技解決全球種種難題,也因此為企業界帶來震撼而眾所矚目。奧雅納工程顧問公司(Arup)、空中巴士(Airbus)、波音(Boeing)、富士日洛克斯(Fuji-Xerox)、霍克國際建築設計公司(HOK)、IDEO設計(IDEO)、英特飛(Interface)、JR西日本(JR West)、耐吉(Nike)、日產(Nissan)、帝人(Teijin)等引領風潮的大型公司,紛紛運用仿生科技進行實驗並於會議廣泛討論,不斷在產品設計製造上激發靈感巧思。

In this talk, Janine will give an insider’s view of the latest biomimicry advances on the drawing board and in the market. She’ll discuss the worldwide spread of the meme, and how it is being heralded as a “one of the top 20 breakthrough business ideas” (Harvard Business Review, HBR List), “a paradigm shift for the world of design” (Smithsonian National Design Awards), and “one of 10 innovations that will change the way you manufacture” (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). At this critical tipping-point for the field, Janine will describe the rise of biomimicry in Asia, and the potential for Taiwan to become a leader in what is estimated to be a $1 trillion Global GDP market by 2025.

Since the publication of her seminal book, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, Janine Benyus and her colleagues at Biomimicry 3.8 have brought bio-inspired solutions to 250 clients, redesigning everything from carpets to cities. Come hear their stories and imagine how Taiwan’s inventors could become nature’s apprentices, creating world-changing technologies that create conditions conducive to all Life.
珍妮的經典著作Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature (中譯《人類的出路—探尋生物模擬的奧妙》)出版後, 珍妮及仿生三‧八(Biomimicry 3.8)的同事們已經把生物啟發的解方帶給250名客戶,從地毯到城市規劃都有了全新的設計。歡迎前來聆聽這些實際應用,讓台灣的開創者成為大自然的學生,以改變世界的新技術創造出有益生命的環境。

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